Kathryn in “She Breaks”


The She Breaks music video was birthed as a result of the passionate desire of several artists to shed a blaring spotlight on the evil that exists in human trafficking.

The journey started on March 25, 2007 at an event called Freedom Day in Orange County. This gathering was formed to bring attention to the persistent and vexing problem of Humans capturing and selling Humans into efforts that include labor, sex, and even war. That day a young lady in her late teens gave her story about being trafficked across international borders for sex trade. I was deeply impacted by her account and felt an instant connection to her cause for freedom. This led me to consider my own contribution to the fight and how to make an impact however insignificant I thought it to be.

I had been writing songs for my then coming EP, and as I sat at a piano that night I voiced the painful words and heavy emotions that filled my heart. The song tells the story of a young girl trapped and seeking freedom. It was my direct way of representing her and the countless others experiencing the horror of captivity.

Fast forward to several years later, Summer 2011 when I met with my friend and Director Renato Braga about making a music video. We talked about several songs and threw around ideas, until it hit the both of us. We decided on ‘She Breaks’ and started researching the topic of human trafficking more. We recruited Kathryn McKormick to play/dance the lead, and with the close help of musician friend and creative mind Kameron Waters and the Producer Tina Avenessian planned the two-day shoot at a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.

We shot on December 16-17 in what was an extremely emotional and deeply impacting time for all of us. Stacey Tookey and Alex Little choreographed Kathryn’s steps, and we had a collection of inspiring individuals who gave their talents and their time to this project.

These are the incredible people who made this happen:

Director: Rentao Braga
Producers: Tina Avenessian, Renato Braga, Vienne
Starring: Kathryn McCormick & Matisse Arcos
Director of Photography: Renato Braga
First Camera: Paulo de Biasi
Second Camera: Chris Brinlee Jr.
Wardrobe: Melissa Watanabe & Lesli Matta
Hair/Makeup: Lesli Matta
Choreography: Stacey Tookey & Alex Little
Photographer: Matt O’Boyle

Special Thanks to: Veggie Grill (Santa Monica), Mendocino Farms (Marina Del Rey), Bill Ingram, Wayne Miller, Chris Franz, Wyatt Sum, David Arcos, Kameron Waters, David Korszyk, John Korszyk, Eric & Traci Grimm.

Written by:

Jonathan Korszyk

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